Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Compatible with Paid Themes

We are using Divi theme on our demo sites. its very compatible with Divi theme. We have tested with some popular themes like DIVI, AVADA, BE, The7, Bridge, UnCode, Salient etc.

Compatible with Elementor & other Page-Builders

Its very compatible with Elementor builder. While editing a page create a new shortcode block and paste the shortcode [upf_manager]
Save the page and preview.
Same can be followed for other builders like – Muffin, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Beaver, Divi, SiteOrigin, etc.

How we can see all uploaded files from backend can we manage from backend as a admin?

All files uploaded by users can be found in /wp-content/uploads/upf-docs/.
Also you can access by WordPress dashboard from media-library, must be login as admin.

Invoice to my Company name & details after purchasing

You can send further details after you place the order. You send an email to or send the information via our contact form. We will then send you the invoice with your company details.

Deactivating and reactivating license

You can deactivate your license and activate on other site or subdomain.
if you forget to deactivate on old site or encounter any problem reactivating, please email us ( with your license key, old domain name and new domain name.
We will reset your license key.

How many Files can be uploaded?

You can upload as many files as you want & as many folders or sub-folders can be created. We do not limit file’s count. This depends on your hosting account.

What is Max file size limit?

We do not limit on file size. It depends on your hosting account.

If you are unable to upload large files, edit your php.ini or user.ini file and add this line :
upload_max_filesize = 128M
this will limit max file size to 128mb, change it as needed.

Sometime it is managed by hosting provider, please contact your hosting provide and as them to increase “upload_max_filesize”

Can we get Trail for PRO version ?

Trial for PRO version will be available on
Logins will be provided by email to and valid for 24hrs.

Can I upgrade my existing single site license to a developer license?

There is no option to upgrade single site license to developer license. Please contact support for time to time offers on developer’s license.

How to notify users about a file i shared?

There is settings in backend to configure email template.
When you share a file/folder with a user/users they will receive an email notification.

Can I allow a specific user role only to download files and another user role to upload / download files

Yes, you can do that. When you share a file/folder, you get the option to share with different capabilities with different roles.
View-Only and Full-Access.
There is an option in backend to restrict users based on their role to upload files.

Conflict with other plugins or active theme

When it comes to conflict with other plugins or active theme. Please try deactivating all other plugins and switch theme and see if the issue is fixed. If so, activate the plugins one by one to find the conflicted plugin.

If you still see the issue after this, please get us the error log file from your site hosting.

Is possible for the admin to pre-create folders and sub folders for users?

Yes, Admin can create folders for users or group of users (role-based). Share it with a user and he/she can upload files in it.
For example – Admin create a folder name ‘SALES’ and share it with JOHN & ANNA with full-access. Now these two users can see already uploaded files and upload files to it.

Is it possible to have a preview of the .docx documents?

Currently preview for .docx is not supported. Our team is working on a solution for it and it would be ready future updates.