Follow below steps for hassle free setup

How to Install Plugin
To install the Feed For Threads plugin, follow the instructions below:

1. Login to your site’s WordPress admin panel.

2. Go to plugins page from the left sidebar.

3. Deactivate the free version of “Feed For Threads” plugin if you are using it.

4. Click on Add New from the top on the plugins page.

5. Click on “Upload Plugin” button and then Choose file. Select the plugin that you downloaded after placing an order from our website.

6. Click Install Now button.

7. Click “Activate Plugin”.

8. Congratulations! the plugin is successfully installed and activated on your WordPress website.

9. Next we will activate the license and configure the plugin in our next article. Cheers!

Create Page & Use of Shortcode
1. Create a new page or edit your page where you want to display Feed for Threads section.

2. Create a new shortcode block if you are using a page editor. Place the following shortcode:

3. Click save/publish to save your page.

4. Visit the page on frontend.

5. Voila! Your Feeds from threads account is live and ready to use.